Link to “Perpetual Beginner Mentality”

I want to link to this here on my blog, as the topic is especially interesting to me. I started this blog in part to speak to the experience of taking on this hobby, isolated from traditional ways of being educated or trained at it.

My philosophy – I guess that’s an appropriate word for my thoughts on this topic now – is continuously evolving. For those of us best labeled “hobbyists,” I’m starting to think that the traditional ways of thinking about skill with regards to woodworking don’t suit us well.

Reblogging this post from Greg serves as a bookmark for me on a topic I will write more about. Go read Greg’s post. Lots of excellent thoughts articulated very well, and also some fantastic discussions in the comments!


The following is written for those of you, like myself, who are amature/hobbiest woodworkers. We just want to build things with wood and enjoy the process as well as the result.

In days gone by, when the apprentiship system was in full swing, a person knew where they stood in the hierarchy. You entered as an apprentice and worked your way up through the ranks. Crossing milestones allong the way that advanced you to the next level. Eventually working your way up until you were considered a master craftsman, or whatever similar rank, depending upon your chosen proffession. My assumption is, that as these individulas moved up in the system their attitude changed as well. Gaining both confidence and a sense of reponsibility to the profession.

That was then, this is now.

Something I have observed over the years is that amature woodworkers are almost always viewed as perpetual beginners…

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  1. I always tell people – “the only difference between you and me is time and equipment ruined” 🙂

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