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Small Carpenter’s Table Saws

[UPDATE: AFTER GETTING SOME FEEDBACK, I WENT AHEAD AND PURCHASED THE DEWALT JOB SITE SAW HERE: THANKS EVERYONE FOR ALL THE VALUABLE INPUT!] I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve been thinking about picking up a small table … Continue reading

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One Manifesto

If you don’t already follow Paul Sellers blog, I invite you to go read his most recent post, Lifting Your Spirits – Working With Your Own Hands!. I don’t know if he’d call it a manifesto, but that’s what I … Continue reading

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New Project: Snowshoes?

Had to go out for a bit this morning, and I thought of another project idea. Anyone ever seen woodworking plans for snowshoes? Really hoping it’s something I can do with wood on hand. Sort of in a hurry on … Continue reading

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Thinking about Woodworking

For my side table I’ve determined that the Walnut I have isn’t enough to complete the project, so I’ll need to procure some more before making progress on it. That’s probably just as well. I live in the Boston metro … Continue reading

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Narrow Side Table Plans

I think the next piece I build will be a narrow side table to go next to our sofa. I have some Maple that’s a bit spalted, and dark to the point that it looks a lot like Cherry (until … Continue reading

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Beading Beginnings

Inspired by Bill over at The Slightly Confused Woodworker, this morning I put some sheet abrasive on a piece of dowel, did my best to sharpen my beading plane up, and gave it a try on a piece of scrap … Continue reading

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Navel Gazing

While what interests us is woodworking, I think it helps to have a little bit of background about a person, even if it’s just a rough sense of how old they are and where they’re writing from. In that spirit … Continue reading

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Shaker Dog Food Stand Complete

The Danish Oil is still drying, so it looks a bit splotchy, but otherwise this piece is complete. I may apply some Johnson’s paste wax – the dog can be a bit messy with her water so the extra protection … Continue reading

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