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Here are a couple more tools. This hammer and hand-ax aren’t near as exciting as my other finds. When found, they needed new handles to be serviceable. I took some Ash, split it into over-sized handle-shaped pieces, and used a … Continue reading

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Orphaned Saw Tote

This Disston saw tote was in really poor shape, in with some junk in one of the outbuildings. During some lulls at work last week, I sanded it up to 1200 grit. Not because 1200 grit was what I thought … Continue reading

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I’ve mentioned that since moving onto the family homestead, I’ve been digging through the outbuildings, separating the junk from the trash from the treasures. Here’s a snap-shot of most of the tools I’ve found and cleaned up so far. I’ve … Continue reading

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Slow day at the office

One very nice thing about working from home, is that when it’s a slow day at the office, I can sit in front of my desk and get other things done. A couple months of slow days and I ought … Continue reading

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Enlighten Me

Soliciting more feedback from you all. My garage/shed/shop is still under construction, but we’re closer to running electricity, and I’ve started to wonder about lighting. Natural lighting of course is best, and we’ve got largish windows, but the architecture dictates … Continue reading

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Garage/Shop Progress

We’re getting there. Roof materials will arrive this week. Once that is up, we can install the doors and windows. We won’t bother with finishing the interior this year – maybe in the Spring. We also likely won’t put siding … Continue reading

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Seeking Camera Opinions

My old point-and-shoot digital camera went bust. This blog is much more interesting – both for me and you – when I can share photos of what I’m messing with. I realize that most people are able to take snap … Continue reading

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Get Off to a Bad Start

A common refrain has been jumping out at me lately while reading woodworking articles and blogs. Concerns about getting a project “right,” and how that concern has prevented people from working on things. There are good, rich-creative moments for all … Continue reading

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I’ve been trying to do a little woodworking, despite the lack of a shop or a bench. I’ve rummaged through the old outbuildings here, and have a small collection of hammer heads, ax heads, and hatchet heads in need of … Continue reading

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