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Treat your workbench like it’s scrap

Workbenches. Left out of the information out there for hobbyists is this: the workbench should be disposable. Not because it will be disposed of often. I haven’t had to replace mine yet; but the more I work, the more I … Continue reading

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Workshop slowly emerging

With my bench built, the workshop is slowly coming together. Getting this done 30 minutes or so at a time, over lunch, for a bit after work before dinner. Going to raise that dutch tool chest about 10″ off the … Continue reading

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My “Naked Woodworker” Bench

Work on the garage finally reached a point where I could start work on assembling my workshop. As mentioned in the last post, I put together my father’s workbench. Last Saturday I also purchased the lumber and began work on … Continue reading

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My Father’s Workbench

Last week I got my father’s workbench put back together. It was one of the first things he built. He never had very much space to work in, and so this bench was a good choice for him. The plans … Continue reading

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Checking in

A lot has happened since my last post, and though for a while I worked hard at not doing so, I’ve been thinking about this blog quite a bit. Over the Summer my father died of lung cancer. It was … Continue reading

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My Own Mallet

Work and the world have caught up with me in a big way, and haven’t left much time for anything else. When I’ve thought about posting (or even reading) something, I’ve realized that the same time could be spent woodworking, … Continue reading

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Making a Mallet

If there aren’t too many cracks in all the wrong places, the plan is to turn this piece of Osage Orange firewood into a new mallet. Shavings included in photo, just because Osage Orange is pretty.

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Sell a Kidney

When we talk about wood being one of the more expensive components of this hobby, we usually aren’t talking about wood-pulp. This January though, Lost Art Press is staking claim to our meager dollars, first with The Anarchist’s Design Book, … Continue reading

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Tools and Family

I recently made a trip South to see my family, and came back with a car load of tools. It wasn’t very long ago at all that I looked at the list of essential tools woodworkers should have, and wondered … Continue reading

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The Anarchist’s Design Book

I just finished reading Christopher Schwarz’s latest, The Anarchist’s Design Book. I won’t give a full review, as even though this is a work of non-fiction I don’t want to offer any spoilers. What I will say is this: if … Continue reading

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