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Bench Work

With all the necessary cleaning / drying taking place in the shop, it was a good opportunity to do some bench maintenance. On the one hand my bench is nothing to write home about. It was born of affordability combined … Continue reading

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All Wet

Twice this week the check valve on the sump pump in the basement has busted, spraying water across about a fourth of the basement: the fourth of the basement where my bench, tools, and wood are at. So my woodworking … Continue reading

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Hanging Clock Shelf, early work

My current project is a small hanging shelf. If it turns out well it will be shipped to my Mother who will use it to display an antique clock that is 13” wide by 4” deep by 19” high. I … Continue reading

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Rewarding vs. Right

My most enjoyable times in the shop have happened when I only had a vague idea how I was making something. I’ve known that I want to end up with a small table, or a box, or some shop jig. … Continue reading

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Practice Projects

In the shop yesterday morning, feeling frustrated. I needed to make something – anything. I stared at my tools, thinking about how I didn’t have all the wood I needed for any of the projects on my to-do list. As … Continue reading

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The Problem with Wearing…

Not that I wouldn’t still recommend this book, but… Below is an excerpt from Robert Wearing’s The Essential Woodworker: Skills, Tools And Methods. To learn to gauge, first put a length of wood in the vice, projecting about 50mm (2in.). … Continue reading

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The Beginner’s List

My beginner’s tool list: Workbench Panel cross-cut saw Two back saws, one rip, one cross-cut Stanley No. 5 Jack plane, or non-Stanley equivalent One 3/4″ chisel One 1/4″ mortise chisel [edit: go with a 3/8″ not 1/4″] A Mallet Two … Continue reading

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The Race Is On

Got around today to adding a shoulder plane to my tool collection. I chose to go with the large plane with a 1 1/4″ wide blade. There’s an argument made by Chris Schwarz in The Anarchist’s Tool Chest that a … Continue reading

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