A Saw with a Depth-Stop

In a shocking change of pace, there’s actual woodworking being done today, by me. Will – with a little luck and time – post an update about this project real soon.

One thing I needed to do was make 4 stopped-cuts of equal depth on some legs, leaving 1″ of material on each. While I could of done it free hand and didn’t want to give up the time, I paused long enough to re-assemble my Stanley mitre-box, which was all taken apart as I’ve been involved in cleaning it up.

It simply was the perfect tool for the job, and I couldn’t resist. Once re-assembled, it was super easy to set the angle and adjust the depth stops to leave 1″ of wood uncut. I’m going to really like having this thing in my shop.




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4 Responses to A Saw with a Depth-Stop

  1. That is great – In all the years I have had my mitre saw I have only ever used it to cut through cuts! BTW – nice job on cleaning up the tool!

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  2. Greg Merritt says:

    We had one of these in my Junior High shop class. I remember being fascinated by it back then. There were so many possibilities. I’ll bet you will find more uses than you ever imagined.

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