Benefits of a good scrubbing down

Quick comment from the restoration of my Stanley No. 2358 Mitre Box. I’ve looked up quite a few of these online, looking for photos of what parts exist, and (unsuccessfully, so far) attempting to identify when mine was made.

I’ve seen several times where the use of the tool is described: “You measure the angle of your cut by way of a number system facing up from the tool….”


I’d just like to add, that is if you take the time to clean your tool up, that it is also possible to reference a series of degree marks on the front of the box. So, you know, whatever works. These marks weren’t visible till I sanded over that part of the tool. I guess none of the photos I’d seen so far had either uncovered them or bothered to take a close up shot. They were a pleasant surprise for me.

[edit: Now that I’m looking for them, I’m seeing these markings quite a few times in different photos online. Often you’ve got to look very close, but they’re out there.]


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