About Me

ProfilePic2013I reside in rural Minnesota, Arlington, Massachusetts, 5 miles out of downtown Boston with my wife, our dog, and her cat. I was born and raised in Kansas (b. 1970).

I attended several colleges, finished my bachelor’s in English at Kansas State University, and after two years dropped out of graduate school – where I focused on literary theory – when I realized I didn’t want to work in academia.

I remained in Kansas until my early 30s. After that work took me a number of places. States I have lived in after leaving Kansas include Nebraska, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, California, and Massachusetts.

Professionally I’m what is referred to as a Democratic political operative. I work on political campaigns.

Over time I’ve specialized a lot, and now focus on data work exclusively. I now work for a firm that provides the technology infrastructure campaigns are run on. This also means I have a permanent job, and don’t have to relocate wherever the work takes me.

While a devoted partisan, I have friends who would be referred to as Republican political operatives. We can talk shop, and otherwise enjoy each other’s company, without letting our ideologies get in the way.

In addition to woodworking I enjoy fly fishing, which I’ve been doing since I was 14 years old.

I’m also active in my town’s government. Towns in New England are governed under a system referred to as Town Meeting.

My town of 40 thousand, like most in Massachusetts opts for a Representative Town Meeting, and has a 252 member legislative body, elected by precinct, of which I am a member.

If you are curious you can learn more about me by looking over my LinkedIn profile, following another blog I have related to Town Meeting, or connect with me on Facebook.