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Rewarding vs. Right

My most enjoyable times in the shop have happened when I only had a vague idea how I was making something. I’ve known that I want to end up with a small table, or a box, or some shop jig. … Continue reading

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Shop Tour

Spent some time this morning cleaning up down in the shop, culling my collection of scraps and sweeping up. I thought I’d snap a few quick photos and share with you all a picture of my basement work shop. Oh, … Continue reading

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The Essential Woodworker by Robert Wearing

I have spoken quite a bit to anyone that cared to listen about how easily frustrated you can get trying to learn this craft on your own. I’ve gone on about how what is out there on television, in magazines, … Continue reading

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The Woodworking DVD We Need

Thinking about DVD’s in anticipation of the Build a Campaign Chair release, and still mulling over how we learn from mistakes, I know what I want some of our master woodworkers to do for us beginners. I want a DVD … Continue reading

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Planes Over Saws

Part of what gives me great joy working with wood is the feel of it. The sensation that travels through your hands up into your arms as a blade from a plane or a chisel parts the fibers of the … Continue reading

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Shaker Step Stool Completed

Despite the flu/ebola/pneumonia/plague I’ve been suffering from, I did manage to finish the Shaker Step Stool I’ve been working on. Plenty of lessons learned, skills developed, areas of needed improvement highlighted as well as thoughts on why I enjoy this … Continue reading

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Is Sanding Necessary?

Yesterday I woke up with a pretty nasty bug that’s going around, so haven’t put as much time towards finishing my Shaker Step Stool as I’d like. I’m staring at the calender, counting the day’s till vacation is over and … Continue reading

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A new month is nearly upon us, and I need to decide how I’m going to invest my woodworking money. I try to spend somewhere between $100 and $300 each month, influenced by that month’s budget, on “woodworking stuff.” The … Continue reading

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Card Scrapers

I still haven’t decided: is this a tool of mystical powers when in the hands of a master? Or is it a brilliantly conceived hazing ritual? a great practical joke on the uninitiated? I could go either way.

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Moxon Vise, completed

I decided I couldn’t wait overnight, and assembled the vise this evening. I did take the precaution of attaching it to my bench using F-clamps rather than using holdfasts on the the rear brace – that can wait until tomorrow … Continue reading

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