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Shaker Step Stool – Bloopers

I’ve thought a lot about what I like most about woodworking. There is one thing, not specific just to woodworking, that keeps me engaged, enables me to feel a sense of accomplishment, and encourages me to keep coming back to … Continue reading

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Shaker Step Stool Completed

Despite the flu/ebola/pneumonia/plague I’ve been suffering from, I did manage to finish the Shaker Step Stool I’ve been working on. Plenty of lessons learned, skills developed, areas of needed improvement highlighted as well as thoughts on why I enjoy this … Continue reading

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Is Sanding Necessary?

Yesterday I woke up with a pretty nasty bug that’s going around, so haven’t put as much time towards finishing my Shaker Step Stool as I’d like. I’m staring at the calender, counting the day’s till vacation is over and … Continue reading

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Dovetails on the Ugly Moxon

After spending more time than I’m proud of getting the layout for dovetails correct, and the further embarrassing amount of time spent scratching my head, spinning boards around trying to figure out which side was up, I’m putting the Ugly … Continue reading

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Time to get some sharpening done. My geek side gets interested in sharpening, and I want to experiment with different methods. Currently I’m using a sheet abrasive system. The abrasive sheets I purchased from Tools for Working Wood here. I … Continue reading

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Shaker Step Stool, getting started

This will be my next project. As a beginner, this project is a bit intimidating. Central to the piece are 16 dovetails. Those 16 dovetails represent – if I’ve counted correctly – 92 different surfaces that must be cut precisely … Continue reading

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