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Shaker Dog Food Stand Complete

The Danish Oil is still drying, so it looks a bit splotchy, but otherwise this piece is complete. I may apply some Johnson’s paste wax – the dog can be a bit messy with her water so the extra protection … Continue reading

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I thought by now I’d be showing off the finished Shaker Dog Food Stand, but things keep getting in the way. I’m prepped and ready to glue it all up now. Probably would have finished doing that this morning, except … Continue reading

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Shaker Dog Food Stand, Sunday Progress

The most difficult and most time consuming part of this project is not the curve for the legs, the dado’s, the tenons, or even the mortises. It’s the corner braces. Getting them cut to size with the 45 degree angle … Continue reading

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Morning Mortises

Spent some time in the shop this morning, and got the mortises chopped on the Shaker Dog Food Stand. It’s easy to forget just how much work it takes to do different things. Cutting four mortises in the top of … Continue reading

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Dados on the 45

Any time I can put a 115 year old tool to good use, it’s a good day in my shop. Love it when I get to use my Stanley 45.

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Shaker Dog Food Stand Progress and a Roast Chicken

Spent less time today than I’d thought I would, but still got some stuff done. Got the main pieces cut to size. Haven’t prepared the wood for the braces yet – I might switch species and use Walnut on those … Continue reading

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And next, a Shaker Dog Food Bowl Stand

After considering what to take on next, hearing a lot of great input from people, I’ve decided to do something completely different. In my mind, this is more of an interim project. It’s something I planned on doing all along, … Continue reading

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