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Workshop slowly emerging

With my bench built, the workshop is slowly coming together. Getting this done 30 minutes or so at a time, over lunch, for a bit after work before dinner. Going to raise that dutch tool chest about 10″ off the … Continue reading

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My “Naked Woodworker” Bench

Work on the garage finally reached a point where I could start work on assembling my workshop. As mentioned in the last post, I put together my father’s workbench. Last Saturday I also purchased the lumber and began work on … Continue reading

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My Father’s Workbench

Last week I got my father’s workbench put back together. It was one of the first things he built. He never had very much space to work in, and so this bench was a good choice for him. The plans … Continue reading

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The Seated Workbench

Last time I mentioned I was working on a project. This is it. A small workbench, designed to be worked at while sitting. What?!? A sit-down workbench?!? Why yes, I am that lazy. More to the point, this small bench … Continue reading

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Workshop Progress

The building that will serve as a combination garage, shed, and workshop is slowly making progress. Apologies for the fuzzy photos. The outside dimensions of this building are 36′ x 26′. For the near future, this building will store just … Continue reading

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Enlighten Me

Soliciting more feedback from you all. My garage/shed/shop is still under construction, but we’re closer to running electricity, and I’ve started to wonder about lighting. Natural lighting of course is best, and we’ve got largish windows, but the architecture dictates … Continue reading

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Garage/Shop Progress

We’re getting there. Roof materials will arrive this week. Once that is up, we can install the doors and windows. We won’t bother with finishing the interior this year – maybe in the Spring. We also likely won’t put siding … Continue reading

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Bench Work

With all the necessary cleaning / drying taking place in the shop, it was a good opportunity to do some bench maintenance. On the one hand my bench is nothing to write home about. It was born of affordability combined … Continue reading

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All Wet

Twice this week the check valve on the sump pump in the basement has busted, spraying water across about a fourth of the basement: the fourth of the basement where my bench, tools, and wood are at. So my woodworking … Continue reading

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Another Saw Storage Idea

Was reading through some stuff, followed an old link, and it led me to this: What form of magic is this? Turns out, it’s rubber balls. See the article here: How’s that for an interesting way to store saws?

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