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My Own Mallet

Work and the world have caught up with me in a big way, and haven’t left much time for anything else. When I’ve thought about posting (or even reading) something, I’ve realized that the same time could be spent woodworking, … Continue reading

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Making a Mallet

If there aren’t too many cracks in all the wrong places, the plan is to turn this piece of Osage Orange firewood into a new mallet. Shavings included in photo, just because Osage Orange is pretty.

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At Least Find Me Handy

One of the things about this hobby that brings me joy is the ability to solve small problems, like a missing bottom for this drawer. I especially like it when I can use scrap wood found around the place, and … Continue reading

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The Seated Workbench

Last time I mentioned I was working on a project. This is it. A small workbench, designed to be worked at while sitting. What?!? A sit-down workbench?!? Why yes, I am that lazy. More to the point, this small bench … Continue reading

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A Saw with a Depth-Stop

In a shocking change of pace, there’s actual woodworking being done today, by me. Will – with a little luck and time – post an update about this project real soon. One thing I needed to do was make 4 … Continue reading

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Ghetto Dutch – Done Enough

Preparing to move at the end of the month, I need something to move my tools in. Why not a Dutch Tool Chest? A couple issues, though: One, I’m fixing to move. I am not going to buy more lumber … Continue reading

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On again, off again

Despite the inactivity here on this blog, I am still getting some woodworking done. Right now I’m banging together a Dutch Tool Chest – I think of it as a first run. The wood I’m using is crap; I don’t … Continue reading

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Hanging Clock Shelf, early work

My current project is a small hanging shelf. If it turns out well it will be shipped to my Mother who will use it to display an antique clock that is 13” wide by 4” deep by 19” high. I … Continue reading

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Rewarding vs. Right

My most enjoyable times in the shop have happened when I only had a vague idea how I was making something. I’ve known that I want to end up with a small table, or a box, or some shop jig. … Continue reading

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Practice Projects

In the shop yesterday morning, feeling frustrated. I needed to make something – anything. I stared at my tools, thinking about how I didn’t have all the wood I needed for any of the projects on my to-do list. As … Continue reading

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