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Checking in

A lot has happened since my last post, and though for a while I worked hard at not doing so, I’ve been thinking about this blog quite a bit. Over the Summer my father died of lung cancer. It was … Continue reading

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Tools and Family

I recently made a trip South to see my family, and came back with a car load of tools. It wasn’t very long ago at all that I looked at the list of essential tools woodworkers should have, and wondered … Continue reading

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Staying Indoors

I was thinking how it would be nice to go poke around some of the outbuildings and gather some old scrap lumber. I think I’ll just pass on that this morning. When I need something to do, I can occupy … Continue reading

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Seeking Camera Opinions

My old point-and-shoot digital camera went bust. This blog is much more interesting – both for me and you – when I can share photos of what I’m messing with. I realize that most people are able to take snap … Continue reading

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Are you receiving me?

I haven’t seen The Martian yet, but I imagine there’s a good stretch of the show where Matt Damon tries to figure out how to let people know he’s still alive. Maybe when I see it I’ll get some good … Continue reading

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On again, off again

Despite the inactivity here on this blog, I am still getting some woodworking done. Right now I’m banging together a Dutch Tool Chest – I think of it as a first run. The wood I’m using is crap; I don’t … Continue reading

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Civil Interruptions

I’ve been pulled away from this blog of late, as other areas of my life have pushed themselves to center stage. It’s Town Government season. I’ve been occupied following and writing about town elections. The same week of the election … Continue reading

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Navel Gazing

While what interests us is woodworking, I think it helps to have a little bit of background about a person, even if it’s just a rough sense of how old they are and where they’re writing from. In that spirit … Continue reading

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