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At Least Find Me Handy

One of the things about this hobby that brings me joy is the ability to solve small problems, like a missing bottom for this drawer. I especially like it when I can use scrap wood found around the place, and … Continue reading

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Rewarding vs. Right

My most enjoyable times in the shop have happened when I only had a vague idea how I was making something. I’ve known that I want to end up with a small table, or a box, or some shop jig. … Continue reading

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One Manifesto

If you don’t already follow Paul Sellers blog, I invite you to go read his most recent post, Lifting Your Spirits – Working With Your Own Hands!. I don’t know if he’d call it a manifesto, but that’s what I … Continue reading

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Planes Over Saws

Part of what gives me great joy working with wood is the feel of it. The sensation that travels through your hands up into your arms as a blade from a plane or a chisel parts the fibers of the … Continue reading

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