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Staying Indoors

I was thinking how it would be nice to go poke around some of the outbuildings and gather some old scrap lumber. I think I’ll just pass on that this morning. When I need something to do, I can occupy … Continue reading

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At Least Find Me Handy

One of the things about this hobby that brings me joy is the ability to solve small problems, like a missing bottom for this drawer. I especially like it when I can use scrap wood found around the place, and … Continue reading

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The Seated Workbench

Last time I mentioned I was working on a project. This is it. A small workbench, designed to be worked at while sitting. What?!? A sit-down workbench?!? Why yes, I am that lazy. More to the point, this small bench … Continue reading

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A Saw with a Depth-Stop

In a shocking change of pace, there’s actual woodworking being done today, by me. Will – with a little luck and time – post an update about this project real soon. One thing I needed to do was make 4 … Continue reading

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Link to “Perpetual Beginner Mentality”

Originally posted on HILLBILLY DAIKU:
The following is written for those of you, like myself, who are amature/hobbiest woodworkers. ?We just want to build things with wood and enjoy the process as well as the result. ? In days gone…

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Benefits of a good scrubbing down

Quick comment from the restoration of my Stanley No. 2358 Mitre Box. I’ve looked up quite a few of these online, looking for photos of what parts exist, and (unsuccessfully, so far) attempting to identify when mine was made. I’ve … Continue reading

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A Few More Tools

Over the last week and a half I’ve picked up a few more tools. These weren’t found; they were purchased. Two were picked up from a gentleman Mike Siemsen introduced me to, Matt Amundson, who lives a couple hours down … Continue reading

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Saw Sharpening with Mike Siemsen

On Saturday I took my first woodworking class. Mike Siemsen’s School of Woodworking is located just North of the Twin Cities, a little over two hours from me. With all these saws I’ve come into and been cleaning up, it’s … Continue reading

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Finding a Stanley No. 2358 Miter Box

Imagine walking into an outbuilding to see what’s inside. There haven’t been windows or a door on the building for some unknown length of time. Inside, rodents scramble for cover underneath old rolled up carpets, half eroded cardboard boxes, empty … Continue reading

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E.C. Atkins 26 inch Crosscut

Shown here is an E.C. Atkins 26 inch crosscut saw. This will be the last of the “I-Found-A-Saw-And-Cleaned-It-Up” posts for now. There are a couple places on the property that I might still turn another one up. We’ll see. Next … Continue reading

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