Sell a Kidney

When we talk about wood being one of the more expensive components of this hobby, we usually aren’t talking about wood-pulp.

This January though, Lost Art Press is staking claim to our meager dollars, first with The Anarchist’s Design Book, and now with The Woodworker: The Charles H. Hayward Years.

I’m on track to spend more on paper this year than 4/4 lumber.

So be it. I really don’t know how, if you’re at all able to scratch together the dough, you don’t buy the Hayward books. Close to 900 pages long in two volumes (so far, as they say). I will be completely shocked if I don’t feel I got a good deal for my money when the title ships.

If they keep this pace up over at LAP, month after month, I may start campaigning for them to go against their current model and start releasing paper-backs. Have to have some money leftover to try all this stuff out that I’ve been reading about in their books.

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3 Responses to Sell a Kidney

  1. Greg Merritt says:

    Yep, my woodworking allowance is blown for the month of January. Money well spent and I did it with a smile on my face.

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    • Wesley Beal says:

      Made the purchase with a smile as well. Now it’s the long wait till the books ship. No pdf for the Hayward volumes, because of their agreement with the copyright holder, as I recall.


  2. billlattpa says:

    I just ordered the 1st Hayward book. I probably don’t need it, but it looks like something cool to look through from time to time. And as much as some may not believe it, I do enjoy supporting LAP when I get a chance.
    I have to admit, I was very good in January, only spending the money I received on a gift card. Also, this new direction of prepping construction lumber is inexpensive as it gets (relatively) when it comes to woodworking.
    If you find another inexpensive source for woodworking lumber let me know, I’m up for trying out anything.

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