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Workshop Progress

The building that will serve as a combination garage, shed, and workshop is slowly making progress. Apologies for the fuzzy photos. The outside dimensions of this building are 36′ x 26′. For the near future, this building will store just … Continue reading

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Counterfeit Atkins 22″ Cross-Cut

Once I removed the tote, I saw that this saw plate had been punched one more time than necessary, and it dawned on me why I could find no hint of any etching on the plate. I don’t have any … Continue reading

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Keen Kutter No. K88

Doing some clean-up of one of my (new) old saws. I believe this to be a Keen Kutter No. K88 rip saw. If anyone knows where I should look to try and date this saw, I’d love to have that … Continue reading

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Cross Lap with Mitered Corners

Originally posted on HILLBILLY DAIKU:
Well, I might as well start this journey. Cross Lap with Mitered Corners cross_lap_mitered_corners-pdf I have, as yet, been unable to find any written reference to this joint.  I have seen an example of it…

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Block Plane of an unknown make

Here’s another tool that was found in an outbuilding, half buried in dirt on the floor. Can you identify this block plane? I think it might be a Winchester No. 3086, but I’m not sure. It measures 7″ long and … Continue reading

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Old Chisels

Among the tools I’ve found around here are two old chisels. One 1″ marked “EAGLE BRAND WARRANTED” and one 1/2″ marked “OHIO TOOL CO.” I think you can see the pitting here on the backs (clicking on the pictures opens … Continue reading

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