A Few More Tools

Over the last week and a half I’ve picked up a few more tools. These weren’t found; they were purchased.

Two were picked up from a gentleman Mike Siemsen introduced me to, Matt Amundson, who lives a couple hours down the road from me and is trying to thin out his collection to create a bit more space.

I’ve finally added a Router Plane to my kit. I purchased a Millers Falls No. 67.


It’s my understanding that this tool is essentially identical to the Stanley No. 71. I hope I understand correctly, and it is true that I can purchase blades for the Veritas Router Plane and use them on this one. I’m fairly certain it is, but if anyone can confirm that’s true it’d make me happy. Right now I’ve got a 1/2″ spear point blade, which will probably be sufficient for what I imagine I’ll use it for most. Still, for $15 I’m wondering if I’d give a straight blade a try; haven’t decided what I think of the spear point.

Matt also had a Bow Saw he was willing to part with.


I’ve been wanting to try a bow saw out for a long time (inspired mostly by my hatred of coping saws). With a blade 22″ long, this one is a bit large to use to remove dovetail waste, but it ought to be good for cutting curves, and give me a sense what the tool is like to use.

I need to figure the best way to get a new blade for this – the one it has now will probably work for a while, but as I’m learning about the tool I want to use one in as good condition as possible.

I also need to swap out the string. The string on it now is old, and has snapped in few places already. I’ve got half a dozen square knots keeping it all in one piece. Haven’t figured out yet what type, weight, and length of string is best. I read on Tools For Working Wood that they feel that 8 strands, 4 per side, works best on their 12″ bow saws.

Advice is most welcome.

Finally, the tool I will be getting the most use out of.


Went on Amazon and bought this magnifier/lamp. I’ve just started using it today; I hope it makes a lot of tasks much less frustrating.

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5 Responses to A Few More Tools

  1. snwoodwork says:

    I have a MIller’s Falls router plane with a Veritas blade sitting in it. I’ve been using the new blade about a year with no problems. This plane is one of my favorites.

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    • Wesley Beal says:

      That answers that question; great to hear. Thanks for confirming!


      • snwoodwork says:

        No problem. I tried researching that very question last year and found nothing. I even called Veritas and their answer was, “well, it might fit but it might not.” I thanked the gentleman for his thorough and well though-out response.

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        • Wesley Beal says:

          Wonder what the odds are the gentleman knew what the tool was used for. Lee Valley sells a lot of different stuff; I don’t know how specialized their support staff is. Great to see you online again – don’t be a stranger!


          • snwoodwork says:

            Who knows; but he did seem to know what a router plane was.

            I got a new position at work that has kept me busier than I’d like. I’m still reading everyone’s stuff & woodworking but haven’t had a chance to write anything down. Looks like we’re getting a photographer friend’s backup camera with some lenses so that should help me stay updated more often.

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