Warran-and-Ted Superior 26″ Rip Saw

Shown is a 26 inch rip saw, 5 1/2 points-per-inch, that cleaned up nicely, and I think will work quite well:


That Warranted Superior medallion is hard on someone the likes of me, who wants to know who my tools were manufactured by, and when:


The tote is quite nice. It didn’t have any finish left on it, so I sanded it down a bit and applied a coat of paste wax:


The tote might just be the key I need to at least know who manufactured this saw. I’ve got another saw with a tote that is quite similar. Details on the saw that tote belongs to coming soon…


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4 Responses to Warran-and-Ted Superior 26″ Rip Saw

  1. Greg Merritt says:

    A good tool is a good tool, regardless of who might have made it. I know that its nice to know the history and origin, but at the end of the day function is the most important thing. Use it and enjoy it.

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  2. gblogswild says:

    I’ve got one of those fancy-schmancy pressed floral ones 🙂

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