“Gilt Edge” 18-ish” Crosscut

Yet another old-saw-post, folks. I realize this isn’t fascinating stuff for my half-dozen followers. This blog serves as an informal personal diary of my woodworking adventures, and I want to be able to read about these saws someday in the future, so you all will just have to be patient with me.

I’m also thinking more and more about how cleaning up old tools could be a companion-hobby to woodworking that I really enjoy. Besides enjoying it, it’s principle benefit is that I can do this whenever I’ve got a spare 5 minutes, set it down when I need to pay attention to something else, and pick right up again when life and work permits.

I don’t know why, but this is one of my favorites among the saws I’ve found. Maybe because when you give the blade a sharp knock with your knuckle, it makes that wonderful sound like some saws do.


The saw is branded “Gilt Edge” by Farwell Ozmun Kirk & Co of St. Paul, Minnesota, who were hardware wholesalers. That company was formed in 1887; I found mention of them again in 1949, and I found a note online that says they continue today as OK Hardware Stores. I haven’t found more about them than that.


You can make out an etching on the plate but it’s hard to see:


It’s short (18 1/8″) and is stamped as 10 teeth-per-inch (naturally, I count 9).



The saw plate has small notches along it’s spine (what’s that about?), and it has a bit of a bend to it:



It’s also got a lot of pitting – I don’t know how much sharpening it will tolerate.


The tote on this saw is small. My hands aren’t large, and it’s a three-finger grip for me. I haven’t sanded it down, as I like the dark color of it, and haven’t felt like taking the time to refinish it yet. It looks like some rodents gnawed at part of the handle at some point.



I hope it saws well – for some reason, I like this one a lot.


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  1. Wes, I am beginning to think that you moved just because of the hidden stash of tools…

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