Disston D-8 26″ Crosscut


Another one of my found saws, a 26 inch Disston D-8 Crosscut. Based on the medallion, I *think* this saw was manufactured between 1940 and 1947.


You can make out some of the etching:


My measurements say 7 teeth-per-inch; the mark on the saw says 8. Anyone that can assure me how I should be measuring this, please let me know. My understanding is you measure, beginning at the bottom of a gullet, and count the number of full teeth in an inch.


The tote on this one has had repairs made to it:

I thought I’d take advantage of that the old orphaned Disston tote I had, and swap this one out. The thumbhole handles were used on the D-8’s.


Not as simple as it looked. I tried and tried to get that saw plate into the old tote, but it was just too tight a fit. Came back at it the next day, and tried and tried some more. I was just getting it to line up with about two holes, when I realized something wasn’t quite right. The two nuts on the bottom have been inserted into the tote on the other side.


Oh well – live and learn.

I was tired of working on saw totes by this point, and didn’t give the old tote on this one the full crazy sandpaper treatment. Just some scrubbing and spot sanding in places, a coat of paste wax, and called it a day. Looking forward to this one seeing some use in the hopefully near future!


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