Cross Lap with Mitered Corners

If somehow you find yourself on my blog, and you aren’t already reading Greg Merritt’s, then get over there and read the first description in a series he is doing on joinery. Excellent stuff.


Well, I might as well start this journey.

Cross Lap with Mitered Corners



I have, as yet, been unable to find any written reference to this joint.  I have seen an example of it from two sources.  One being a video by Jay van Arsdale where he shows an example and Chris Hall has utilized the joint in a couple of projects that he has posted about on his blog,  here for example.


The joint looks simple, but the addition of the mitered corners increases it’s complexity more than I anticipated.  The mitered corners also adds a great deal more strength to the joint than I had anticipated as well.  Even poorly executed examples, riddled with gaps, were quite rigid and resisted torsional loads and required a mallet for disassembly.  An addition advantage of this joint is that the long corners of the work pieces can be chamfered…

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