Here are a couple more tools. This hammer and hand-ax aren’t near as exciting as my other finds. When found, they needed new handles to be serviceable.


I took some Ash, split it into over-sized handle-shaped pieces, and used a drawknife, then a spokeshave to turn them into handles. These of course were done with dry wood. I have some green wood that I’ve done some work with, that I’m letting dry.

Besides just wanting to give this a try, I really like that the grain is running throughout the whole handle. I’ve used the hammer a fair amount the last couple weeks, and I believe I can really feel the difference compared to the home-center hammer I’ve been using.

I didn’t have much luck finding instructions on how to do this right. I don’t know how close I should get my green wood to final shape before continuing to let it dry. I have decided that next time I’m going to saw out the part that fits the tool well before I start to work the handle into the final shape I want. Trying to carve that end has taken me much longer than it took for everything else.

My inspiration for doing this is shown below. Better than any tool I’ve found on the property, the Ash trees, along with the Maple and Oak, are the real treasures. This is my favorite tree on the property. It is I think fully mature for an Ash. So far, no Emerald Ash Borers in my parts, but you better bet I’ll be harvesting some trees at the first inclination it’s heading my way. It would be so wrong for this tree to go to waste.


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  1. Good looking handles.

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