I’ve mentioned that since moving onto the family homestead, I’ve been digging through the outbuildings, separating the junk from the trash from the treasures.

Here’s a snap-shot of most of the tools I’ve found and cleaned up so far. I’ve decided that very soon I need to give saw sharpening a try.

I’ll get close up shots of some of these and post them soon. In the meantime, here’s the overview shot.


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6 Responses to Tools!

  1. Greg Merritt says:

    You made out like a bandit. You should have no want for a saw now. All great stuff and looks to be in good condition too. A little cleanup and sharpening and your ready to work. A treasure on many levels.

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    • Wesley Beal says:

      Yep, I sure did. I think I’ve found most everything of obvious use around the place, though won’t be surprised in the least if I turn up another couple saws along the way yet. I’m really surprised that I’ve been unable to locate a saw vise, or a drawknife, given everything else I’ve found. After looking everywhere, I went ahead and bought a new drawknife.

      Of course, it’s that miter saw at the top that I think is the real treasure. It’s a Stanley No. 2358. Looks to be complete, but I need to find someone who can tell me more about it to be sure.

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  2. wb8nbs says:

    I have one of those, think mine is a 358. There should be an adjustable holding stop fits in a channel i the wood top on each end. Can’t tell if yours has them. Some have a support bracket that fits into holes on the casting each end but I think that was an option. Mine was missing the depth stop bracket that fits on each of the vertical posts. There is an adjustment underneath the arm that you can use to tune the cut angle, it’s pretty accurate but if you’re doing fussy work (picture frames) you still need a shooting board to clean and true the cuts.

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    • Wesley Beal says:

      Yep, that looks like the same one. I’ll do a post on it soon, take it apart and get photos of every piece I’ve got. Mine has two skinny metal “fences” fit into dado’s on the wood top/bed.


  3. wb8nbs says:

    Christopher Schwarz just posted this. Its a miller falls but very similar

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