Slow day at the office

One very nice thing about working from home, is that when it’s a slow day at the office, I can sit in front of my desk and get other things done.

A couple months of slow days and I ought to have all these irons for my Stanley 45 sharpened.


I’ve been doing a lot of this the last week or so, as time permits. On the floor behind me are my bench planes. The bevels on each began their life with me all over the place. Over time in the shop I’d never established them consistent – just went with the bevel that was already there. I’d also experimented with micro-bevels along the way. I’ve put some time in getting them all consistent, and polishing the backs. Ditto for my chisels.

I always thought I was very detail oriented (if open to experimentation) about this stuff in the shop. There’s something about sitting down at a desk though: my sharpening was much more focused. Guess the end goal was the sharpening itself, rather than the wood work.

Decent way to pass the time while staring at the computer screens, waiting for the next job.

PS: The real point of this post is to give the camera a quick test run. Got the batteries, charger, and a new SD card today. I hope to be sharing photos of a lot of the tools and stuff I’ve salvaged from the outbuildings on the property soon.

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3 Responses to Slow day at the office

  1. Greg Merritt says:

    If I worked from home, I would soon starve. The shop would be too tempting. 😉
    I’ve read a few comments/articles over the years that advocate sitting down to sharpen. I have yet to try it though. They claim much better control and thus consistency. Hmmm….

    Ha…I was going to tell you to take a look at Mike’s latest comment on my blog…but I see you already saw it…:)

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    • Wesley Beal says:

      Yep, I did. It’s great that he joins in and comments. I’d like him to produce more stuff – videos or books or whatever. I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far a lot. Since he’s not too far from me now, I hope to take a class from him, or even private instruction, at some point.


    • Wesley Beal says:

      Oh, I should of added: I’ve given some thought to building a small work space right at my desk. Something like the Milkman’s bench, maybe standalone rather than one that gets clamped to another table. Include a sharpening station for sure, and perhaps eve a shaving horse/something set up.

      I’d likely orient things to be done while sitting down, so I can maintain focus on the computer and get right back to work at my paying job whenever something comes in that needs my attention.


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