Garage/Shop Progress

We’re getting there. Roof materials will arrive this week. Once that is up, we can install the doors and windows.

We won’t bother with finishing the interior this year – maybe in the Spring. We also likely won’t put siding on before Winter sets in. It’ll last and do it’s job until Spring gets here.

Besides the roof, we need to put a floor in the upstairs (which will be devoted to storage space), and run the electric. Electricity is connected now – there’s a box you can’t see inside in a corner. Just have to run it up and around the building.

Then it’s time to build a work bench.


PS: No, I haven’t already obtained a camera. The Wife took that photo for me with her smart phone. That picture quality is plenty good enough for me and what I’ll use this camera for (I didn’t mention that I also would like a camera I can carry in my pocket when going fishing). Really just want something simple. Don’t think I should have to pay much for that; just have to wade through all the gadget speak and figure out what will work.

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2 Responses to Garage/Shop Progress

  1. Don’t know why you need two big doors on the Wood Shop 😉

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