Seeking Camera Opinions

My old point-and-shoot digital camera went bust. This blog is much more interesting – both for me and you – when I can share photos of what I’m messing with.

I realize that most people are able to take snap shots with their phones nowadays. I have stubbornly resisted owning a cell phone. I’ve had them in the past, and the thing just feels like a tether. Every waking hour I’m looking at the phone, seeing if someone called, emailed, or sent a text. It’s a nonstop dance of “Where’s my phone?” “Is my phone turned on?” “Is my phone set to silent?” “How much battery do I have left?”

No thank you. I manage just fine without one.

So any one out there have recommendations on a digital camera?

I’d like one that is fairly priced. Doesn’t need to do anything fancy, just take photos of good enough quality to publish on the web. In fact, more gizmos and fancy features are probably a turn-off. I’m not interested in studying what I can get out of this thing: I just want to point it at something, press a button to take the photo, and not have to repeat the process multiple times to end up with something not too blurry to share.

It may be nice to shoot video one day, but I’d want to set up a tripod to do that, worry more about lighting and other things. I’m not looking for the ability to do that with this camera. I’ll explore my options when/if I choose to pursue that.

Something simple, reliable, and easy to use.

When I go look on Amazon there’s so many features and gizmos, I haven’t settled on what’s good enough for me and what isn’t.

So: any opinions out there on a decent point-and-shoot camera?

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10 Responses to Seeking Camera Opinions

  1. I have use all manner of Digital over the years – my current go-to until last week was the Canon G11 – great auto focus and amazing macro – I write articles for a magazine that requires HI Res images – in a typical article I take about 100 shots and then narrow down to 25 – as I am the only person in my photo-team I like the fact that it can take multiple shots on a timer – via a remote (the magazine required the images to show hands-on images and planning and photographing is tough… all the images on my website are taken with this camera.


  2. Lee Hockman says:

    I don’t think you can beat the simplicity and quality of the final results with anything except the GoPro. Don’t have any idea about how they compare in price, though. I shoot exclusively with a Canon, but, as you stated, it is probably too much camera for what you want to do in the immediate future.

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  3. Wesley Beal says:

    Let me try a different approach… I’m just looking for a point-and-shoot camera like you see people with all the time, or did before smartphones took over the world. The photos on this blog were taken with an old point-and-shoot, that I’m pretty sure cost us less than $200 when we bought it. The quality of the photos seemed good enough for me.

    Anything glaringly wrong with this camera, for what it is? (I may just pull the trigger and buy it – reviews are positive so it can’t be that bad of a deal, for what it is).


  4. Adam Auster says:

    Wes, will you be taking low-light shots? Underwater photography? Other specialty photos?

    If not, I think you have the right idea. In particular, web photography does not need a lot of pixels

    You know some of my blogs, right? I use a Cannon Powershot. It’s the equivalent of the Nikon you picked out, and is probably more camera than i really need.

    I am quite partial to Canons because of an excellent customer-service experience. But I’ll bet the Nikon is good too.

    Make a list of your must-have features. (For instance, I wanted a manual mode although I rarely use it.) Find the least-expensive Nikon and Cannon that have all those features and compare.

    You might even consider a super compact camera. They are pretty nice little things and you might not miss the features they lack, not at all.

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  5. Wesley Beal says:

    Turns out, in addition to whatever the other camera I had that quit working on me, we also have this one:

    What we don’t have is the charger for it. So for $17, I’ve ordered a new charger with a couple extra batteries.

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