The Dedicated Gang-Cut Dovetail Saw

Roy Underhill. Our favorite goofball, with a little help from Lie-Nielsen.

Watching the latest episode (Groovers and Shakers) of The Woodwright’s Shop right now, and he whips out what looks like a 3-foot long Dovetail saw by Lie-Nielsen so he can better gang-cut some dovetails.

Video will open in a new window:
Groovers and Shakers – The Woodwright’s Shop

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5 Responses to The Dedicated Gang-Cut Dovetail Saw

  1. Roy is always great – I have taken a couple of courses of his and he is an excellent instructor! – as for thesaw – just a tad overkill given that the combined width of teh dovetails is maybe 2″ – but hey, it’s Roy and theatrics are the name of the game!

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  2. Wesley Beal says:

    Now when I pick up my dovetail saw, I feel sorta, inadequate.


  3. wb8nbs says:

    Ya, I downloaded that tonight and just finished watching. One of these days I’m going to actually try a half blind dovetail. Would like to see Frank Clouse use that saw.

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  4. Matt Robin says:

    I just got back home from Highland Woodworking where Roy just had a day long demonstration on joinery.He pulled that 3 foot long Lie Nielsen dovetail saw out and seeing him use it was quite funny. One stroke cut.

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