Ghetto Dutch – Done Enough

Preparing to move at the end of the month, I need something to move my tools in. Why not a Dutch Tool Chest? A couple issues, though: One, I’m fixing to move. I am not going to buy more lumber than I’ve got on hand now. Two, since the wood I do have that would be appropriate is complete garbage, I’m not going to waste time writing down measurements and you know, spend time carefully laying things out. So this chest was made from some very pathetic pine, plus some old plywood when I didn’t have enough for the back and top, and it was all done pretty much from memory. Oh, and I wasn’t too careful about much along the way.

I call it the “Ghetto-Dutch.” It was fun to build, and serves as a prototype/learning exercise for when I build a “nice” one. In the meantime, it should keep my tools secure for this one trip.

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