All Wet

Twice this week the check valve on the sump pump in the basement has busted, spraying water across about a fourth of the basement: the fourth of the basement where my bench, tools, and wood are at.

So my woodworking time this week has been spent stickering my lumber, disassembling my tools, scrubbing & sanding them, spraying everything down with WD-40, and getting every fan I can find plugged in and running.

I rent from my upstairs neighbors, and we’re good friends.

This week I sorta wish my landlords were distant and unknown to me, as I could lash out and vent about how upsetting this mess is (especially since I’m pretty sure the handyman they had install the new check valve installed it upside down).

But my landlords are my neighbors, and they’re very good friends too, and I know they feel like crap already that this happened. It’s also only pure chance that it was my stuff and not theirs that got drenched. On top of that I know they wish like hell it had been their stuff, rather than mine, getting doused.

This week I’m more attracted than ever before to the idea of keeping my tools in a toolbox. Once things dry out, a dutch tool chest build may be in my future.

For now I wait. Inspect how things are progressing routinely. I make sure rust isn’t reappearing on anything. The tools I can clean. With the wood, mostly I just have to bide my time and see what the lumber looks like when everything has dried out.

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2 Responses to All Wet

  1. Sorry to hear about the bad luck. Sending positive thoughts your way.

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  2. Lenard Burgess says:

    Hate it for you, good luck on the cleanup


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