New Project: Snowshoes?

Had to go out for a bit this morning, and I thought of another project idea.

Anyone ever seen woodworking plans for snowshoes? Really hoping it’s something I can do with wood on hand. Sort of in a hurry on this one.


Snapshot of my backyard this morning.


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8 Responses to New Project: Snowshoes?

  1. spokeshave27 says:

    I am in Upstate NY and we have just shoveled ourselves out 2 feet – this truly is the winter of our discontent . you just need something to spread the weight – years ago I made a pair out of two tennis rackets. How about these – think you can make from ply .

    Okay off to shovel out!

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  2. snwoodwork says:

    Living in Florida I have absolutely nothing to add to this conversation. It looks pretty but I wouldn’t know what to do about 2 feet of snow. I’ve been complaining because it was near 70 today.

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  3. wb8nbs says:

    I would go out and buy a commercial set. My sister lives in northern Wisconsin and has gone through 3-4 evolutions of snow shoe. The aluminum frame jobs with canvas webbing work best for her and she has given up xcountry skiing for snowshoing.

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