Thinking about Woodworking

For my side table I’ve determined that the Walnut I have isn’t enough to complete the project, so I’ll need to procure some more before making progress on it.

That’s probably just as well. I live in the Boston metro area, and this winter has been brutal. By the time I’ve shoveled, dug the car out, or even just walked to and from the subway, a lot of my woodworking energy has vanished.

Long rip cuts are never appealing to me, but even less these past few weeks, so lately I’ve been more of a “woodthinker” than a “woodworker.”

This morning I tried to get some photos of the Maple I want to use for the table top. I believe it is slightly spalted. It has some dark specks in it, it’s really dark for Maple, with lots of swirls, sort of resembling flames.

I don’t think the photos do it justice – the colors seem too washed out – but here it is.

Now for me it’s back to bracing for this weekend’s storm, and digging out enough to be ready for the one scheduled to arrive on Wednesday.

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1 Response to Thinking about Woodworking

  1. billlattpa says:

    Being a wood thinker can be a good thing. I’ve built many projects in my head long before picking up a tool. I think it really helps.

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