A Different Type of Bench Hook

I was just looking over the content over at Sawdust and Woodchips and ran across this page about bench hooks.

He shares a video featuring Roy Underhill (courtesy of Lie-Nielsen) about how to build a bench hook that puts the “hook” back into this essential shop appliance.

The way it is made, the bench hook actually grabs the wood. Roy shows it being used in conjunction with a face vise in a manner that lets you get around not having an end vise.

In my limited time I haven’t seen this style of bench hook discussed. Mine, and others I’ve seen described, simply create two 90 degree angles, one pushing up against the bench and the other pushing back against your work.

I’m adding this style of bench hook to my to-do list. I’m eager to see it in action for myself.

Reportedly Sawdust and Woodchips will be featuring a series of articles soon on woodworking basics; I’ll be watching for these.

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One Response to A Different Type of Bench Hook

  1. billlattpa says:

    I’ve always wanted to build this style hook. It’s another tool on a long list of tools I’ll eventually get around to making.

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