And next, a Shaker Dog Food Bowl Stand

After considering what to take on next, hearing a lot of great input from people, I’ve decided to do something completely different.

In my mind, this is more of an interim project. It’s something I planned on doing all along, but got sidetracked and took on the Shaker Step Stool instead.

Prior to the Shaker Step Stool, I built a Shaker Bench, which was a scaled up version of plans I found for a Shaker Stool. I was quite pleased with the project – both in terms of what I learned and how it turned out.

There were some lessons learned along the way that I hope to put into practice now. While I haven’t done so yet, I’ve always thought I should make two of about everything. You learn so much doing a project and realize how you can give it another go, and improve upon the result. I think it would be very beneficial to learning the craft.

Now I’m going to do just that, this time on a smaller scale, and solve a minor domestic need in the process.

One of my earliest “projects” wasn’t planned. I was passing some time in the shop, and thought “Hey, I’ll make a short table for the dog’s food & water bowl.” Got out my mortising chisel and chopped out space for the legs, cut the legs and the tenons, fit things together and realized the legs were way too close. Angry at the prospect of wasting the wood, I decided I’d angle them. I had no idea what I was doing; I was just adapting as I went along. I struggled, um, a lot.

When I finally gave up — er, “finished” — it didn’t seem possible that it would stand.

Yet I carried it upstairs, set the dog food and water bowls on it, and it hasn’t fallen over yet. I don’t like it though, and have always meant to replace it. Plus following the same design as the bench, I’ll have matching furniture in the house.

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2 Responses to And next, a Shaker Dog Food Bowl Stand

  1. snwoodwork says:

    That bench looks good. Hopefully your dog is not more of an arts & craft fan.

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