Woodwright! – the Musical

I just watched Woodwright! – the Musical online (thank you internet), and I want the album.

In this episode Roy is joined by the Underhill Rose band (I guess it’s not surprising in the least that Roy’s daughter is an accomplished musician).

Looking through their website, I was hoping to be able to purchase the songs from the show. No such luck so far. From their website:

We had a great time shooting “Woodwright’s Shop – the Musical” last week after returning home from our national tour. Eleanor’s dad, Roy, rewrote five Underhill Rose songs with lyrics all about working wood. “Helpless Wanderer” became “Jackleg Carpenter” while “Little House” became “Wooden Plane.” It will air around the holidays. Big thanks to Roy and everyone at UNTV for having us.

I have gone ahead and purchased some of their other music, it’s quite good. I just hope they choose to release the songs performed on Woodwright! – the Musical. What better to play while working in the shop?

You can hear sample tracks of their albums on the website. In the meantime, here’s the music video for “Helpless Wanderer”

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