Project Challenge – Fewest Tools

Slack the Joiner commented on a previous post, sharing a video on how to cut rabbets without a rabbet plane. In the video The English Woodworker cuts rebates with a chisel.

This got me to thinking: what are some projects that can be completed with the fewest tools?

Imagine you have one board, the length, width, and thickness of your choosing. How few tools can you use and create something?

The project that first springs to my mind is the Roubo Bookstand I’ve seen Roy Underhill do on The Woodwright’s Shop. [Edit: I’m of course trying to imagine how to build this bookstand using far fewer tools than would be ideal.]

Certainly there are others – I doubt I’m the first person to wonder this.

Points for the most joinery and the fewest tools (a box scores higher than a cutting board, even it does take more tools to complete). With the fewest tools, what is the most complicated piece you can make?

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