Choosing a Project

I’m trying to figure out what I want to build next. I’d thought I was going to make some rough shelving for my shop, but I’ve begun to second-guess my ideas there, so putting that on hold for a while.

As of this morning (and I’m indecisive enough right now that as of this afternoon things could change) I’m mulling over three possibilities.

1., A 6-Board Chest. Perhaps one I customize the storage inside a bit, and make something that can store the wife’s knitting materials, keeping it safe from the cat.

2., A traditional sawbench. In hopes that it will save me from some of the dread I feel every time I’m faced with a long rip cut that needs done.

3., Another step-stool, this time in a different style. I could use my recently completed stool in my shop, and another around the house – hopefully saving me from further scoldings from the better half when I put things on shelves higher than she can reach. The Shaker Step Stool is quite stable and useful, but I find myself reaching for something to hold on to while stepping up on it. This other style includes a high back that is intended just for that purpose.

If I go with a 6-Board Chest I can see myself purchasing a rabbet plane – add that to both the Pro- and the Con- column on that choice (I’d have to purchase a new tool / I’d get to purchase a new tool). I’m not at all positive I have the lumber I need right now to make it, so I’d need to overcome that hurdle also.

The Traditional Sawbench would be a very good thing to have. Probably the most responsible thing to do next. I think it would require a trip to the big-box store for the lumber.

I’m pretty sure I have everything I need to make the step-stool; I probably have enough Cherry to do it in that, even. No needed trips to the store(s) for materials means that nothing stands in the way of getting started on it, making this project the narrow front-runner at the moment.

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8 Responses to Choosing a Project

  1. All seem like good choices. I know what you mean about the saw bench. I’d vote for the six board chest for the missus. You can do it without a rabbet plane. The English woodworker has a video on his YouTube channel.

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  2. It’s always tough to balance creativity and responsibility; but I’ve found a new tool is often worth the time in the long run and I wonder why it took me so long to make it. The most important step is the first one, even if I must write it all out to figure out where to begin. <– I'm constantly telling myself this and it's good to know I'm not the only one!

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  3. snwoodwork says:

    My vote: First, saw bench, second six board chest (I’m looking at building one in the near future), third, profit. The six board chest can be completed quickly if using nails. Quick completed projects are always appreciated.


    • Wesley Beal says:

      “Profit” only really applies here in terms of how much I profit by the experience. I don’t build anything using other people’s money at this point, maybe someday.

      I’m actually considering breaking this rule right now for something my neighbors would like done. They salvaged a dresser and are deciding whether to refinish it or not. If so they want a hutch built to go on top of it, and I’ve said that if they buy the lumber I’ll give it a shot, but that they should know that I still make frequent and regular mistakes.


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