The Woodworking DVD We Need

Thinking about DVD’s in anticipation of the Build a Campaign Chair release, and still mulling over how we learn from mistakes, I know what I want some of our master woodworkers to do for us beginners.

I want a DVD cataloging every common mistake woodworkers tend to make.

Get Chris Schwarz, Roy Underhill, Mike Siemsen, Megan Fitzpatrick and whoever else up on the screen, and have them show us a mistake.

Explain as necessary what makes it a mistake. Show us how the mistake causes problems.

Then show, in detail, how it is the mistake gets made. Show what it is that is being done wrong, and what makes it such a common mistake to begin with.

Now, show us how to do it right. Explain why this new method is better. Show us how it works out.

I imagine that those that teach these skills can probably come up with a list of the most common errors fairly easily. If it isn’t an easy list to make, start doing a series of short videos, and add to the series over time.

Viewing the “10 most common mistakes made by beginners” and comparing it to my own work would probably advance my skills more than anything else I’ve read or watched since starting out.

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