Coming Soon: Build a Campaign Chair DVD

Upcoming project?

I’ve been thinking about building one of these eventually. When the DVD comes out later this month I’ll watch it and see if I think I’m up to the challenge.

Lost Art Press


One of the most influential chairs of the 20th century was built and designed by an anonymous craftsman in Roorkee, India.

Whoever built the first “Roorkee” chair in the late 1890s was trying to supply the military forces of the British Empire with a lightweight camp chair that could be taken to pieces in a few minutes and could adapt to any terrain, no matter how rugged.

The simple Roorkee chair was a huge military success. But what is even more incredible is how this chair with no fixed joinery influenced modern designers all over the world for the next 60-plus years.


Kaare Klint, the founder of the Danish Modern furniture style, made slight changes to the Roorkee to create the famous Safari chair – a form that is still in production today. Le Corbusier saw the Roorkee and reimagined it in chrome and black leather to create the Basculant…

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