Shaker Step Stool Completed


Despite the flu/ebola/pneumonia/plague I’ve been suffering from, I did manage to finish the Shaker Step Stool I’ve been working on.

Plenty of lessons learned, skills developed, areas of needed improvement highlighted as well as thoughts on why I enjoy this activity and how it enriches my life that I would like to put down here, but did I mention the flu/ebola/pneumonia/plague?

For tonight, I finished it. The other observations will wait for another day.

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2 Responses to Shaker Step Stool Completed

  1. ctregan says:

    Wesley works good with wood.
    Thats a tricky piece – congratulations on a job well done!


    • Wesley Beal says:

      I appreciate that. I chose the camera angle specifically to not show off the faults. A complete stranger can look the thing over and figure out in what order each dovetail was cut.


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