Price of Walnut

Got a question, if anyone knows the answer. Is $12.50 a board foot a good deal on Walnut? is featuring a special on Walnut this month, and the 20 board foot pack will run me $250, shipping included (the “project packs” are sold at a flat rate, with $20 tacked on if you live East of the Mississippi).

My current local source sells D4S 3/4 thick Walnut by the lineal foot: 9 1/4: $12.85 per foot, 7 1/4: $8.15 per foot, 5 1/2: $5.80, 4 1/2: $4.75. My math skills aren’t that great, and I haven’t figured out the equivalent prices to compare the two sources to yet.

I don’t care about the lumber being dressed on all sides. It’s nice, but I find the time spent doing it by hand meditative. In fact, part of me feels a bit robbed of the opportunity to examine the boards and dress them myself (guess that’s part of what makes me a hobbyist, rather than a professional: I want to invest the time and work, not turn around product).

Because I don’t have a specific project in mind just yet, I don’t have a preference on widths and lengths, other than wider is better than narrower, and longer is better than shorter.

At the local source I’ll pick out the boards myself.

With the online source all I know is that the widths will be between 4″ and 10″, and the lengths will be between 4′ and 8′. I’ve placed two orders with them so far. The first order was for Soft Maple, and I received my 20 board feet in 3 boards. The second was for Cherry, and the 20 board feet was composed of 8 boards.

All things being equal, I’ll take the front door delivery over figuring out when I’ll have the car and making the trip to the local place.

What will make the decision very easy is if the price is cheaper online, and a fair price overall compared to places other than my not-so-affordable local source.

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9 Responses to Price of Walnut

  1. ctregan says:

    Looks like a great price…. for the seller!
    Seriously…I have not bought walnut in a wile – have heard its getting expensive. I would have a project in mind before spending that kind of cashh.

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  2. My local sells 4/4 for $6.00 and 8/4 $6.75.

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  3. sounde like a draw. I’ve heard walnut is pricey, and it probabky varies depending in where you live. My vote would be for picking your own wide boards to get what you want. The pack from online might leave you with leas flexibility. May just be good for pencil boxes. The cheap part of me is with Craig.

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  4. snwoodwork says:

    Check Bell Forest, their prices are cheaper.

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    • Wesley Beal says:

      $225 for 20 board feet – $25 cheaper. What’s your experience on the lengths provided? They say that their 20 board packs are shorts. Could still be a good deal, if I knew what I wanted to use the wood for and knew that shorter pieces would be just fine.


      • snwoodwork says:

        I’m seeing BF prices at $5.80 & $9.00 at Bell Forest. That would be $116 & $180, respectively. I’m not sure of the lengths because anytime I order lumber it’s for a specific project. But Boone over at BF is quick on the email response. And don’t forget Shannon at Hardwood Lumber To Go. You can email him if you don’t see what you want & get as specific as possible.


  5. Wesley Beal says:

    Thanks everyone for the replies. This is the sort of thing that as a beginner I really have no idea about. It would be something if there was a source where you could look up average prices by region.


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