A new month is nearly upon us, and I need to decide how I’m going to invest my woodworking money. I try to spend somewhere between $100 and $300 each month, influenced by that month’s budget, on “woodworking stuff.” The decision comes down to tools or lumber.

I’ve got about 15 board feet of Soft Maple, and probably 10 board feet of Cherry, as well as some smaller amounts of Walnut and miscellaneous other boards now. I have enough lumber on hand that I could build something without purchasing more. Then again, if Woodworkers Source has a great deal on Walnut this month, I may not feel I can pass it up.

On the tool side of the scale, there are plenty of tools I still need, many of which would consume this month’s budget. There are also though a number of smaller tools/parts that I’d like to get. A replacement blade for my new No. 4 Smoothing plane; the Veritas Variable Burnisher that promises to make Card Scrapers work for me; and I’ve thought about giving up on finding a vintage Eggbeater Drill and purchasing this modern one instead.

Seriously: if anyone has a Millers Falls No. 2 Eggbeater they aren’t using, let me know. Every time I see one on eBay or someplace the price after shipping runs a lot higher than I understand you ought to pay for such a tool. I’d rather pay good money to another woodworker than $50 or more plus shipping to an eBay seller.

A new chisel would be a good idea also. Have a good 3/4″ and a cheap-yet-I-still-turn-to-it-often 1″. Maybe a new 1/2″ chisel. Oh, I’d love to get my hands on a set of auger bits in good shape. I also keep meaning to pick up a Shinto Planer Saw Rasp too.

Decisions, decisions. It’s a fun time for me, but at the same time I try to make the best decision possible that will move me forward in this hobby in the best manner possible.

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