Dovetails on the Ugly Moxon

After spending more time than I’m proud of getting the layout for dovetails correct, and the further embarrassing amount of time spent scratching my head, spinning boards around trying to figure out which side was up, I’m putting the Ugly Moxon to work cutting dovetails for the Shaker Step Stool I’m building.


Impressions so far:

It completely fails to magically make me good at following my layout lines, staying at the right angle, and stopping me from sawing further into the board than I want to.

It excels at holding the work firmly. If I were trying to do this on my face vise I’d have to have the work attached at the side of the vise, or sticking way up in the air, only secured on the bottom 3 inches or so.

It’s also a relief to have the work up higher, and while it may not stop me from making mistakes, it makes it a lot easier for me to avoid them when I’m not hunched over, trying to secure the work with my hand, and instead am standing upright, focused on sawing rather than how well the work piece is secured.

Mostly, the work is just secure. It doesn’t budge. It’s at elbow height, and it’s staying put.


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