Card Scrapers


I still haven’t decided: is this a tool of mystical powers when in the hands of a master? Or is it a brilliantly conceived hazing ritual? a great practical joke on the uninitiated?

I could go either way.

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7 Responses to Card Scrapers

  1. Card scrapers gave me a headache vack in the day. Once I bought a Lee Valley scraper burnisher I was able to make them work a whole lot better.

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  2. snwoodwork says:

    I got card scrapers & a burnisher for Christmas. It’s probably time to see what kind of damage I can inflict on myself & wood.


    • Wesley Beal says:

      If it works out for you as its worked for me so far, you’ll have very little impact on your wood. The only damage to be had from these things that I’ve come across so far is on your belief that you might have some sort of clue what you’re doing. It tears right through that, leaving an ugly mess of things.


      • snwoodwork says:

        FWW has a video on using card scrapers by Brian Boggs and sharpening by Mike Pekovich that I’ve been watching. We’ll see how much they help.


        • Wesley Beal says:

          Let me know how it goes. I’ve watched quite a few videos, and think I know what I’m *supposed* to do – just haven’t had much luck making it work yet. I’m anxious to get and give that Veritas jig/burnisher a try. The other day I saw what almost looked like a shaving. Otherwise I produce a lot of dust.


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