Time to get some sharpening done.

My geek side gets interested in sharpening, and I want to experiment with different methods. Currently I’m using a sheet abrasive system. The abrasive sheets I purchased from Tools for Working Wood here.

I purchased the glass locally, and glued them to ¾” MDF. Left to right, the abrasives are .3 micron, 5 micron, and 15 micron. It does make my blades VERY sharp.


It’s often said that skill fixes everything. Well in woodworking, sharp fixes a heck of a lot.

If you’re curious about the Shaker Step Stool project, I’m still getting my boards set to final dimensions. I’ve got one more rip cut to make, and then I’ll prep all the surfaces for finishing now, before I actually cut any dovetails. This way all my 1st class saw cuts will be made on the final dimensions of the pieces (look for the episode “Sawing Secrets” at the link).

Oh, and I’ll finally put that new Stanley No. 4 smoothing plane to work.

There’s been a moment or two already when I’ve thought I’ve botched the project before even getting started. As a result I’m modifying the layout a bit, which has me on more comfortable ground: designing the piece around the wood, rather than trying to follow directions.


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    “It’s often said that skill fixes everything … in woodworking, sharp fixes a heck of a lot.”


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