Saw Storage

I’ve been trying to figure out how to store my back saws.

There’s a lot of information out there right now on how to build tool boxes. I don’t (so far) travel anywhere with my tools, and think I prefer to have them out and easy to access, rather than in a box. I know a solid tool box helps with concerns about rust. So far I haven’t had any trouble in that area, and I’m pretty meticulous about keeping my tools clean.

I use peg board for most all my tools now. Back saws though don’t really have a way to hang on a peg (and they’re still too nice/valuable to me to consider drilling holes in the totes, let alone the blades).

Here’s a rough attempt I made today. The saws are secure, easy to remove and easy to return when done. Of course my current shelving isn’t high enough, so now I may need to build a shelf to keep this on, or figure out a way to hang it securely to the wall.



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